Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Self Control

There are eight fruits of the Holy Spirit, these are love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.
One of the hardest fruit of the Holy spirit that sometimes I can't apply to my life is the Self Control.  What is self control? It is an act or behavior of a person to react on a certain situation and the ability to response or deal emotion and thoughts, the behavior to control temptation and negative feeling that will affect to a person. 

I have hard time controlling my feelings and thoughts sometimes. Wasting time on some bad habits that isn't helpful, consuming my time to something unproductive and unhealthy, its because I don't have self control or discipline. I thought it can give me pleasure just by doing it as a habit but it's not very healthy at all. The mobile phone, I know it happens to every person in general, if you're idle and not doing anything you just keep on holding and fiddling your phone. I bet everyone would understand because they do it themselves. Sometimes if we gather with friends, you can observe that most of them were always on the phone so they can't have a quality time together because each of them were on the phone. 

But now, I have self control, I challenge myself not be hooked up and dependent to something or someone that only gives me temporary happiness. It's been 2 weeks now I didn't depend on my phone if im not doing anything, I now leave my phone in my locker so I won't look at them all the time, sometimes your not waiting for messages or notification but it's a habit that you like to be updated of what's happening to the news feed even though all you do is just scroll and its all the same. So now I've realised that it's OK not to look at or check my phone all the time. I also put my phone on silent when I'm asleep so I won't get disturb with the notification or any group messages that are active. 

I can say that I can't live without holding my phone all the time and I'm glad I had that self control and discipline in myself that if I don't need to do, I really stand for my own principle. 
What makes me busy now if I'm not doing much is I spent intimate time with God, listening worship song, watching God's preaching online and reading Gods Word in the bible, it makes me feel good and happy just putting my time alone with Him

If I can do it, you can do it too... 

Sunday, 1 August 2021

Is it Worth?

The realization of someone after he had done wrong. Human as we are, we are not perfect, we make mistake, we hurt people and do things that we're not consciously aware or sometimes even we are aware we end up hurting someone.

If someone hurt you what would be your reaction? Of course, in general you would get angry, you will get upset, you feel bad, get disappointed and hate the person. Sometimes they have hatred, grudges and won't forgive the person. There are some that don't feel the anger, hate or just easily forgive the person and accept the reality that things happen for reason and they're not meant to be so they have peace in their heart and mind so they wont dwell on the pain or hurt it was caused.

What if he was deeply sorry and genuinely ask for forgiveness for the pain he had caused? Would you accept him back if he wants to pursue you? That's a very hard thing to decide and risk right? If you think there's a chance to rekindle your love maybe it's worth risking? As long as you know in your heart that the person change for good, genuine in his intention maybe give it a try but be prepared for the worst to happen so you wont get disappointed or hurt that much again. 

Do you think is it worth? If you think it's worth the risk, do it if will make you happy. People deserve second chance  I think .  But first seek God's guidance and surrender your decisions to Him so you will not regret one day.