Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Warm Variation (Yoga)

 It's been a week now since I have joined the Yoga Class. One night I was just thinking what other stuff I can do differently to lift my spirit, mind, body and soul. Yoga comes up to my mind, I wasn't even sure if I'm motivated to do it since it takes effort 😄. Me, being lazy sometimes will not push myself to do something especially if it's alone time, but well I need to do things all alone. So I really decided to sign up not expecting what yoga was all about, I just knew that it's good for your health especially if you undergone some sort of emotional distress, so it's for me. 

I found a yoga studio just around the corner where I live, 3mins drive so it's so convenient.  I check the website for more information about yoga and what's best for a first timer. I found the Warm Variation Class, only 26-28 degrees in room temperature. It's good for beginner. 

I rang and signed up, they have promotional offer for new member only $29.00 unlimited for 2 weeks which is a very good deal. I took that promo, so it means I will make use of going to classes as much as within 2 weeks (lol). My first week I attended 4 classes, was so motivated because it makes me feel good attending the first class. 

There are few different kind of yoga classes, most I had attended was the warm variation and one Hot Vinsaya class which was so different from the other. The room temperature was so hot on 36 degrees, imagine being inside the room for an hour, with different stretching and balancing type of yoga. I never sweat my whole life the way I did on that class, I feel like I'm in sauna room and I made it stay until the end. 

I'm so happy with how motivated I am to help myself get out of the chaos in life by doing things I never done before. I had another 4 classes coming before the 2 weeks finished, so I try to go as often most of the week if I'm free.

I didn't realise the health benefits of yoga until I joined. First I don't have any clue, I just assume it's about flexibility and body stretching. It gives me more energy and brighter my moods, it improves strength, balance and flexibility, it promotes better self care and manages your stress. It's relaxing and also reduce body pains. 

I'm enjoying it especially the meditation side of it, I won't mind to keep on attending if I had free time. 

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