Sunday, 11 July 2021

Stay Faithful

 Love often Starts when you don’t feel the Spark Anymore

Love is not just about what you feel inside. It’s more on commitment and the decision to stay even if you and your partner will face so many challenges. It starts when you don’t feel the sparks anymore, but still, you choose to protect the relationship. Sometimes, we feel so disappointed because we see love as something full of happiness and excitement. But life is always uncertain, people will change, and it takes time to adjust and learn from each other. So be patient when your relationship is being tested. That means God wants you to grow with your partner. The best thing that you can do is put Him at the center of your life so that you will always be guided.

Remember that loving your partner is a constant decision that you need to make every single day. Do not base your love according to their actions. Let God’s love be your ultimate source so that you will never feel empty. Surrender your heart to Him, and He will teach you how to serve your partner with the best that you can. Never forget that being in a relationship takes a commitment. You need to be intentional in everything that you do. It may be hard at first, but soon it will become a habit. Just don’t stop and stay faithful to your partner. Let the love of Jesus remind you what love truly is. 
Don’t simply rely on your feelings. Sometimes, it’s deceiving. Choose to listen to the voice of God, for He will direct you to the His perfect plans. Do not depend on your own understanding. Consult your creator, and He will help you. There will be moments when you no longer feel like loving your partner, but you will slowly realize what true love means when you choose to keep on respecting and serving them. It takes sacrifice, and it’s all about dying to your own selfish desires. Yes, it’s not easy, but the lessons you will learn will serve as treasures that you can always keep inside your heart.

Trust God and let Him teach you how to love your partner. Have faith in Him and know that He cares for your relationships. He wants to be involved in everything that you do. He is the most wonderful writer in this universe. So allow Him to write your love story and let Him be the God of your relationship. Choose Him every day, and He will also give you the courage to be faithful to your partner. Keep going even if it takes pain. Stay committed even if it is challenging. 

That’s what real love is all about. Stay in love till the end.

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