Sunday, 18 July 2021

Something Brand New

Today is Sunday, so it means church day. Another Sunday to gain spiritual nourishment that will uplift my spirit and live a life full of God's goodness and blessing.

Today's preaching was about my favorite verse in the Bible, Isaiah 43:19

God's word was telling us, no matter you have been through in life, you may encounter lot's of problem, challenges and storms in life, you may feel lost in the wilderness, you get hurt by someone and loss a love one. Remember be strong, have the courage to stay focus in life. Everything is a process and a journey, don't dwell on the bad past, keep the good memories, but don't look back because it's past and can't never be back again.

Focus and enjoy life's of today, do something good that makes you happy, live a worthwhile and healthy life, spent times with your friends, family, help people that are in need, look after yourself, keep believing life is great, sometimes unfair but it's beautifully made so enjoy each day as you live.

Don't worry about the future because today has it's own worry, just hope and have faith that with God you have a better future and His ways our for the best of us, He will make a way for the better of our life and eternal happiness is only if we seek him with all our Heart.

The scripture says that leave Yesterday Behind, Live for Today and look forward for the Future. What ever happens to our life and our past. God has prepare some thing brand new for us, so let's all be positive and be inspired for the upcoming future.

I'm so hopeful that God will be there for me no matter what and whatever that I have been through in the past, it's all about learning, growing, making me close to Him, He wants me to be his bestfriend, lover, comforter, my priority and my Healer when I'm so broken. 

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