Monday, 26 July 2021

New Role

It's a manic Monday, my long hours shift at work. It was a fine day, the sun was out today, I wish I'm off so I can do my laundry 😁. Our department is always busy even there's not much customer, it was relaxing and not stressful day to me, though it feels like a long day compare to some days but can't complain. I was happy and very friendly to customers, it's nice sometimes to make a difference to someone's day, a smile and just a friendly gestures to the customer already made their day.

Early evening, the store support pass by our department, not expecting he will approach me. But he did, he was asking if I have commitment tuesday nights, I thought he will ask me to cover a shift but no. He was doing something that moment and I was about to serve a customer, so our conversation was cut off. He said to get back to me, and later when I was at the back room, he came and discuss to me about tuesday nights.  He offer me a new role at work that's why he was asking if Im available tuesday night. So I told him, I usually play table tennis but this season we played every wednesday so I can be free on tuesday.  

I feel honored to be offered a new role, I suddenly said Yes, not knowing what's the role actually is, new challenge for me, and I like it. It's for my progress and development, a new learning again, another change that can add to my work experience. Slowly things are getting better and life's direction is moving forward to a positive result.

I just hope that I can adjust to new changes and I can quickly learn the new task that was given to me. I thank the store support manager for trusting me to be a part of that role. I will do my best and contribute a big part for the success of the company.

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