Monday, 19 July 2021

It's OK

If you've been hurt
If you've been betrayed
If you been lied to
If you think you've been cheated
It's not Ok at all

It's ok to be sad,
It's ok to cry
It's ok to get confused
It's ok to feel lost

It's ok to ask many question
It's ok if you can't comprehend
It's ok if you can't what understand what's happening
It's ok to ask help, to reach out your friends
Especially reach out to God

Remember you are human
You have feelings
You don't have the heart of stone
It's normal to get angry and disappointed

But remember after all the things you've been through
Everything in the end will be Ok
It's a process, it takes time, grieve as you can
Don't make things in a hurry that you will be healed straight away

God is there, surrender all your bad feelings to him
Your heartache, the pain, your fear
The things you most scare of, the anxiety or depression you undergo
God will comfort you and ease the feeling of all the negative emotion that bothers you

One day, things will come back to normal
You will look back the past and smile
You overcome it and you become strong 
You are happy again and living the life you wanted.

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