Wednesday, 28 July 2021

It's lifted

Adelaide was declared it's 3rd lockdown since the start of pandemic last year. It was effective last week 20th of July for only 7 days until further update. It's the start again when people are panic buying their basic foods and essentials for the household. Only one person each household can only shop, it's compulsory wearing the face mask when you are outside. Even us working in supermarket were told, theres no excuses even it's hard to communicate with the customers wearing the mask. It's means this delta virus is really very infectious compare to the previous ones.

My friends are already complaining how bored they are just staying at home and watching netlfix most of the time. But to me and my sister because we are an essential worker it's just normal for us because we can still go out, work and see people.

The only thing that change for me is I can't do my outdoor activities like going to church, table tennis, walking along the beach and yoga were restricted, so it's different. But I still managed to do the yoga by watching the video on youtube and just following them, it's actually good, it's like the same as in the yoga studio, but you're doing it alone. I was very motivated that I keep on doing it for an hour without resting. I'm quite happy with that and even thinking to do it online rather than on the studio so I dont need to pay.😁 

And today was the first day the lockdown was lifted. I start early shift at work for only 5hrs, I quickly visit a friend for lunch since it's allowed to visit already. I went home and suddenly just went to the yard to tidy and clean up the garden. My sister helped me with it so we finished quickly that I didn't think it will be done on that afternoon.

While sister and I were tidying the garden, we talk about going for a walk and tag a long a friend that is eagerly to go out because she was so bored. So we picked her up and drive to the nearest beach. After walking we agreed to have dinner in Chinatown to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

I'm so glad to have a productive day with work, catch up a friend, bonding with sister doing gardening, walking along the beach and first dine out for dinner. 

I hope you get to go out as well on the first day of freedom from lockdown.

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