Friday, 9 July 2021

Hurt People, Hurt People

If you think somebody broke your heart
And they hurt you
Please try to acknowledge your emotions
But never allow the anger to consume your thoughts

Yes, it’s not easy to deal with it
And it’s really hard to forgive those people
Who caused you pain
But just cry it out to God
He will listen to all your concerns

Surrender all your burdens
And let Him heal your heart
Choose to forgive even if it’s difficult
Remember the grace
And the love of God in your life
And never forget His goodness

Let His mercy change the way you see things
Treat God as the King of your life
And you will learn to follow His will
And not your own emotions

The bitterness you feel inside
Will cause harm to others
So release all the anger in your heart
And let Him give you peace
That surpasses all understanding

Choose to release love even if you are in pain
Yes, it’s not easy,
But let Jesus teach you how to do it
Remember what He did on the cross
He never condemned the people who hurt Him
Instead, He asks the Father to forgive their sins

One day, you will also learn
To do the same thing
You will realize the truth
Behind what you are going through
And you will know how marvelous His power is

His love will compel you
To forgive other people
He will lead you to the place
Where there is no bitterness

Trust in His process
And never allow the pain to control you
You are a child of God
And you are called to love your enemies

God, thank you for giving me the heart that can forgive others...

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