Saturday, 17 July 2021

Home Stay

Today is not as bad as yesterday's weather, still rain and strong wind this morning but the rest of the day was fine except tiny bit of rain late afternoon.

This weekend  is my sisters and I day off, we stayed at home, I tidy and finish  filling and packing all the stuff that we need to send to the Philippines and mostly clear up the cluttered boxes in the garage while my sister was doing house chores, what a good team work. I spent half day sorting out 3 balikbayan boxes, I was so happy to share blessings to my family, neighbors and friends.

After I finished, I went to the hardware shop to get some down light globes, my friend is coming to help us out so I need to get them. I had a light replaced in my bedroom too so its so bright already that I can do my Diamond art. I'm very thankful that I have this friend who is always happy to help us with the manly type of job at home. Sister and I, always cook food for him to say thank you and he was happy with that.

Late afternoon it was unplanned, we invite our friends to come over to play mahjong. We often play on one of the friends house, they used to play often at home everytime my mums holiday here in Adelaide but now very rare ,and today was the first one this year.  It's spontaneous but exciting because I can imagine the laughter and jokes we will be sharing while playing. Usually we have some drink but tonight only sis and my friend drink. We always play some music on Youtube, today we played the Oldies but goodies music from 60's to 80's, while remembering mums as her favorite music, as well as the R&B of the 90's, we enjoyed listening that sometimes we dance to the bit.

We had a fun night, full of laughter and sharing some serious matters about lifes experience that we can learn from it. The night finish  or I mean we end up finish the game past 1am so it's already the next day 😁

So thankful for those friends that was always there to cheer me up and also make time to be with me and sister.

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