Monday, 12 July 2021

Holy Spirit

Sis and I went to the church last Sunday, before the preaching start there's a praise and worship songs. The songs and lyrics were meaningful and very heart moving I was really touched with one of the song titled As the Deer, I just can't hold my tears, it's just falling non stop as I keep singing and praising the Lord, it's the Holy Spirit that makes me feel emotional and teary that no matter what happens in your life still you get your strength to God and Yes He alone are my Heart that I desire and I long to worship thee.

As the Deer Song

After the preaching there's a special worship were the Pastor asked everyone who feel like lost and broken, those that needs to be healed emotionally and physically, those who are confused and on the wrong path of life, those who have addiction and suffering from any illness, those who are experiencing breakthroughs in life to come forward and will be prayed over.

 As the worship and musician keeps singing, I was hesitate first and shy to come forward but suddenly someone is pushing me to step forward and go to the front stage. And there I was walking, with other church members who are dying to receive the Holy Spirit to be refreshed and restored. While the Pastor praying over us with the worship song keep going, I feel great, my heart feels light, as if my negative thoughts, all the emptiness, feelings confused are totally gone with a heavy heart crying, begging God to take away the pain and the hurt inside my heart. After the anointing of Holy Spirit, I felt God is carrying my heart and take away all my negative feelings. I felt better after as I return to my chair, my sister hug me tight, telling me congrats for being brave to walk to the front and surrender to God all the burden I'm carrying.

Today, I woke up feeling different. Usually I wake up still feeling bit anxious, but today I feel something new, I feel better. I work all day and it seems like I'm back to my normal senses, I thought the feelings of being anxious will stay forever but today it's totally different. I'm very cheerful, happy to serve the customers and very chatty, I sing along while the radio is playing, I joke around with my workmates. I have the appetite to eat properly.  I still bit feeling a very tiny bit anxious but it feels normal.

This is me, I'm back to who I am. And I hope it will stay like this all the time. Thank You God for sending your Holy Spirit, to give me love, peace and joy in my heart.

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