Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Don't Rush

Being in a relationship, we think it's for a lifetime when were on it, of course who wants to break up. And yes for those who are serious and committed only. But for some, is to have more experience and to know the person better and the kind of life they're looking for a future partner. So some take their time to know the person in different perspective, some engage from one relationship to another to really make sure the compatibility. It's just a eating spoonful of food and if it doesn't taste good, they quickly spit it out and try new one. Why eat something that you don't like right? of course you need to enjoy the eating to make you satisfy and keep looking forward to having it next time 😁

That's why don't rush. I was once on the run, like I'm rushing to be with someone and jump into relationship without any precaution, without investigation, without checking thoroughly the past or knowing the person better. When I thought I was treated like a princess I go for it, this is it, he is my prince charming 😂😂. I gave my all that I forgot I should left some for myself, that's my foul there. Everything went so fast and ended so fast too. The sincerity, honesty, loyalty and faithfulness of a person only tested in time and that's only time you know if the person is committed to you for a lifetime.

I learnt my lesson that next time don't rush, don't think that you are left behind from everyone else or you are too old for love. Take your time, take it slow, don't expect so less disappointment. Always remember that Love has no deadline, no timeline, no quota of how many relationship you have in the past.  Learn from experience and let it become your weapon to find a long lasting love in the future.

Remember to value yourself, know your worth and love yourself more than the other person. A so called selfcare that no matter what happen in life you can chin up and stand still.

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