Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Day Off Be Like

Another day of feeling better, being active and productive today though I don't have enough sleep but still energetic to keep going the whole day. 

I had my blood test early this morning, the nurse was very nice and keep chatting to me, didn't notice she already took 3 tubes of blood from me, that was quick and didn't feel  the needle.

Me, longing for a mother since I don't have one now, I visit a friend house who is like a mum to me, I had my breakfast and milo on her place, hang out until lunch time chatting about anything and gain some life lesson and learning from her. How I miss my mum, if there's only stairway to heaven I bet I already climb there just to talk to her and feel her love.

After lunch I decided to go to the nearest beach to have walk, normally I walk during sunset but today is different, the sun is out but very chilly, good thing I have the right jacket with me so I don't feel that cold.  I walk from Brighton to Glenelg. usually I only stop until Somerton vise versa but because I'm enjoying listening worship song and sing along I realize, I walk a bit farther.

I went back home thinking to do some gardening, I bought 3 bags of potting mix the other day but when I tour around the yard and check all the plants, I change my mind. I  need a whole day  to keep up with tidying, propagating and repotting some of the plants especially the seasonal ones that needs to be taken care of. I felt bad they're not growing healthy, I haven't look after them for a while due to the bad and cold weather, and as well I'm not motivated lately which is not good. Well I will update about gardening next time.

The rest of the afternoon I just chill and wait for the early evening to attend yoga class, speaking of yoga I will blog about it next time 😃. After yoga I had my late dinner, salmon steaks and rice, they said its not recommend to eat dinner or have some meal before yoga. Just a stolen shot of the yoga studio.

The rest of the night is just chill with netflix and reading devotional plans on the bible apps before going to sleep.

Hope you all have a lovely day.

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