Sunday, 25 July 2021

Click and Collect

It's Sunday, my day off but since it's lockdown and there's no gathering in the church. I'm available to work if needed. 

So today, I accept an extra shift from other department in the store, the Click and Collect online order because they are short of staff due to lockdown, the increase of online order was really huge. On normal days only two teams where working but this lockdown more than ten teams are processing the orders.

I'm excited to start my shift with the thought that I can learn new things. I was trained when I started and I'm glad I pick it quickly and then I just started to work alone without any supervision. It's different, as I do the shopping for customer order online, I have encounter some things that I wasn't taught about, but it's good the team were very helpful to me.  

I work 5 hours and it seems like very quick as the job is continuous and I'm enjoying it.  What I also learn is to know the different product that I've collected and the health benefit of the product that I didn't know and haven't tried to use or eat.

I don't mind working in that department again and hope I can get some shift again next time.

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