Friday, 16 July 2021

At my Best

Today, is another day, I've worked few hours only, suppose my friend will pick me up to have late lunch in the city but I've got message that the other friends can't make it due to the bad weather condition. It was raining all day with strong wind so they cancelled it.

I'm about to go home when my sister message me if the lunch was still going, and I've replied it isn't. So she told me her friend is inviting her for late lunch too and ask if I'm coming with them, and so I said yes since I'm very hungry 😁. We've met her friend in the nearest shopping center , we had combination soup (seafood and meat) very  nice for a cold weather. After that we went for grocery shopping, as we keep walking I remember I have yoga class at 5pm so I told my sister I need to go home first. 

And so I've attended the yoga class for an hour, was very relaxing, the body feels lighter without feeling any sore or tiny aches that I feel sometimes 😊.

Just stolen shot of the yoga studio

 I have arrived home and sister wasn't not home yet. I ring her coz I don't have the house key with me 😏. She and her friend is on their way to the city to have dinner at Korean BBQ, I was thinking we just had lunch couple hours ago and then they will eat again 😀But because they're not far away from home they u-turn and go home so I can go with them, but I suggest to go after an hour because I'm still full and it's only 6.30pm.

They agreed, so we went around 7.30pm and had our yummy Korean BBQ for dinner with a jug of Barley hot tea. We are not a big eater so we didn't order much of the meat even it's unlimited, We only eat what we can finish because if you order more and can't finish they will charge the left over by per kilogram. I like one of the side dish the pickled radish, since we didn't eat much and the owner was very nice and kind he let me takeaway small container of the side dish, I've asked him what sauce or dressing he used to make it taste good but he said it's a secret. Though he didn't tell, I was happy that he allow me to take away the pickled horse radish.

I can say that today is my best day that I've felt I'm at my Best compare to the other days. It's like magic that all the negative emotion I've felt for  a few weeks was just suddenly gone and I hope it will be like this everyday from now on. I didn't realize that my life is too busy to focus on some negative thoughts and situation.

I'm thanking God that He hears my prayers not to make me suffer with the negative feelings for too long. I think He is sick of me praying and begging not to feel that way. I know that He don't want to see me like a miserable person and that I know there is more to life than dwelling in the bad past. And it's only me that can help myself, so I will keep fighting and survive this battle. 

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