Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Today is my Birthday

Today, I’m going to change my mindset and remember who I used to be and what I wanted.
Life has been dragging me down, so I’m going to flip the script.
I’m going to do less of the stuff that brings me down and more of the things that fill my soul.
I’ve been going too long and too hard at doing the things that don’t replenish my spirit.
That stops now.
I owe it to myself to get out of this rut, expand my thinking and rediscover my joy again.
I’ve been going through the motions for far too long and not listening to my soul.
That stops now.
No more regrets, no more excuses.
If my life isn’t what I want it to be, then it’s up to me to change it.
I’ve been treading water and just getting by for as long as I can remember..
And it’s left me feeling empty inside.
I’ve forgotten how to live on the way to making a living.
I’m done with that thinking and accepting “good enough.”
I’ve let too many things and happiness pass me by without standing up and doing what makes me happy.
I’ve been just getting by.
I’ve lost the joy of living and forgotten what it means to be truly happy.
Not just in the moments, but in my life.
I’m taking back my happiness and reclaiming my life.
Instead of making excuses for why I can’t,
I’m going to find the reasons for why I can.
Life is too short to leave things undone, unsaid and unfelt.
Everything happens for a reason and I realize that this is my wake up call…
It can be yours as well.
Someone out there needs to hear this, so I’m telling you it’s time we stood up and made the changes in our lives that we need to be happy.
Not just for a moment, a few minutes or a day..
But for the rest of our lives.
I’m not going to leave things undone, unsaid and not felt.
I know that chasing my dreams and finding happiness won’t be easy..there will always be roadblocks and detours on the way to anywhere worth going.
I just know with love in my heart, peace in my soul and fire in my spirit, there’s nothing I can’t do..
So, take my hand and let’s start truly loving and living.
No more excuses, rationalizing and accepting less than we deserve.
It’s our time and this is the place where we remember our dreams and start believing in ourselves again.
Forget about yesterday and tomorrow.
Let’s live in the beautiful moments of today.
After all, forever starts right now..
If you have the courage to believe in yourself and chase your dreams.
I know I do. 
Join me, won’t you?

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