Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Not only Better but Best

In life we get to encounter lots of experiences, lots of breakthroughs from our career, friendship, relationship, family, society or the world we live in.  

What's best life experience you had experienced and what's the greatest lesson and impact it affects in your life that gives you the strength to keep on going?

As for me, I think the best experienced in my life is about relationship, loving someone. What keeps me going is my trust and faith to God that He will cast my burden upon me. 

Was is that your best experience too? Well I hope it was a happy ending experience. 

They said Love is Blind, love someone unconditionally no matter what the status of person. And I was truly blind. Maybe because when I love someone I give my best shot, did I? I trust too much and act so innocent knowing both are happy together, knowing there's nothing wrong, knowing the other person feels the same way and have the intention and purpose in achieving the commitment, no contract that has expiry one day, or no one can separate or end whatever challenges you may encounter along the way. But that's not the way it is.  It takes two tango, but what if only one is dancing? 

Well sometimes love just ain't enough to survive, sometimes it can be one sided, very unfair, self-centred and sometime has cruel intention . Sometimes its about selfishness, sometimes people looking for love for the sake that it will fulfill their happiness, it will satisfy their needs, they found another love to divert their brokenness but in the end if they get bored and feel uncertain they find ways to escape without thinking of the other person feelings. A person can say I love you through their words, their actions, efforts and time, we can be easily deceived by those pretentious act, it should be all came from the heart, sincerity, being genuine and most especially honesty.

Have you ever experience that kind of situation? I hope you didn't but I did. Im proud to say that and I'm not ashamed. The kind of situation I was very scared to experience and want to be avoided but it strikes on me, a Goal. I don't deserve it but it happened. And yes I don't deserve him at all, I don't need to settle for less and use my emotion to lower my worth, I wont let anyone drag me down because of what I have been through, I was disrespected and treated with dishonesty, abused my kindness and innocence, I feel like I was manipulated with lies, can't imagine how a person did it, never expect that huh. Its because Im blind, but now I see. I have my God who give me strength and the heart to forgive that whoever mistreat or hurt you "forgive them" because they might not know what they are doing. Instead, pray for the person, he maybe like a sheep that was lost in the wilderness. Pray that he will be guided and God will light his path in direction that he wont get lost again. 

I never regret, I feel the love after all, it was so real, a new experience I've learned. I might say one day, been there, than that. Its nothing, its painful but you will get through it. I realise that not all people that treat you good will stay same, they have hidden desire or secrets  that you can't tell. But I became smarter, stronger, wiser, very careful in choosing and assessing the quality of a person emotionally, physically, mentally and important the one that knows Jesus. I guess, I can say that I'm not afraid to fall in love again, but for now I will put myself first and God will do the rest, He is my Giant God that can take away all the hurt, pain, worries, anxiety, fears I have within me. He has the right person reserve for me and its not only for the better but for the Best. 

If you encounter the same, don't lose hope and don't give up on love, keep believing that someone out there is destined for you, the pain will go just indure it, it won't last. Be patient and you will be rewarded with greater love and right person will come into your life in the right time.

Thank you God for the experience, I Love You Big Time. 

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