Wednesday, 30 June 2021

For A Reason and Season

Yes, He came for some reason and for only a season. Another tragic event arise after the death of my late hubby. Late October 2020, my Mums passing, again it's very devastating moment that adds up to what I have been through in the past. 
But for a reason, God sent someone to comfort me, to give me guidance and support, to show love and care to me, to protect me and make me feel secure, to ease the pain and sorrow im feeling that moment so I've escaped a bit from that grieving process. 

He just came right in time that I never expect I needed anyone.  In those season, I felt happy and loved, Yes I have loved him and I felt his love too not knowing it's only for a season. 

But because he is only for a reason and not for a lifetime, I gained a lesson and experienced that I can make my life better, it makes me tough and strong person in the future. I will just cherish all the good things and kindness he showed at me, and all the memories we've made with be treasured and will always stay in my heart.

Thank you for being there when I needed someone to lean on, you don't know how grateful I am those times the you came into my life.

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