Wednesday, 30 June 2021


Sometimes people may think the world and the earthly doings can give them all the happiness. But no, the world is unfair and so sometimes life is, life is a rollercoaster, there is always up and down along the journey, we can experience passing through rough roads and bumps. 

We feel so happy when good things happen like we have successful career, friends and love ones that make our life happy by sharing laughters, getaways, parties and feeling all the positive vibes or when people may come into our life to share and experience love as if we are on cloud 9. But then if something happen we feel so devastated or depressed because we get used of the happiness. 

We can only found eternal happiness through Gods love, who loves us unconditionally in all areas of our life. With no exception, no condition, infact God came down to earth to rescue the broken, the lost, the oppressed and those who are less privilege people and not the righteous

He rescued me few times already. And still rescuing me, making me strong and he is laying a stronger foundation so next time I can handle better if life's challenges strike on me over and over again. 

I want to be like Him, to give and share love unconditionally, to love those who hurt me, to forgive those who betray me, to rescue and serve the people that are in need of help and not depend my happines on anyone else but be happy with my own.

So, I will surrender everything to you God, all my burden, my worries, my pain, my heartache and all the negative feelings that the enemy is trying to weaken me. 

With you, I will get all the happiness and undying love that the world and people can't give. All the praises and glory are for you and only you my Loving, Merciful and Forgiving God,  You are my strength, my Healer, my salvation and with you I will have  eternal happiness.

If you haven't experience the love of God yet, now it's time to turn around on Him, know Him and He will lead your path into eternal happiness that the world or people can't give.

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