Thursday, 28 January 2021


Does your mood affects your day? May it be bad or good? or does the situation affects your mood? For others it is but for some maybe it didn't especially if it will only ruin the day or create negative vibes in the surrounding.
I had a happy mood all day. The day is long but it feels like short and quick for me. Even im staying in the four corners only, it feels like I've been around. Maybe because of how I make myself busy and entertained. I did a lot today. I've tried to have cereal for breakfast for a change. Done my exercise, sister joins at me but she said it's not the type of exercise so she didn't continue 😊.

During noontime sister and I were so entertained watching a funny Facebook live entertainer. It's the first time my sister was listening and she had a good laugh. I've been following it for years so it's part of my entertainment if I feel bored or sad and want to have a good laugh. I bet sister will keep on watching her everytime she will have fb live. After watching, I ask sister to pull my grey hair, nice of her to do it.
After the session, I started singing on karaoke while sister is playing games. It took us few hours entertaining ourselves that we didn't notice it's almost evening, its when we heard the door bell, our dinner has been delivered. It was only 6pm but when we saw the food we straight away have our dinner as if we are so hungry 😁. We had a lazy but an active day as well.

But then a sudden the mood change after dinner, its funny how in just an instance your happiness turned to sadness for just a snap or just an unexpected conversation to someone who you didn't mean a thing to offend, feels like its a big deal. I felt bad thinking it's my fault to ruin my day or ruins someones day. Sometimes I'm too open or let say talkative that I just say anything I want and not thinking or judging other persons feeling. My intention was just to make that person happy but it turns out not to because of my own action.

I'm even looking forward for a nice chat but then maybe it doesn't need to be that way everyday. Sometimes you just dont understand why things happen and the mood change as well and so as the feelings. 

I hope you are fine but actually I'm not fine. I felt ignored and not cared, communication is always the key, but where it is now? I'm just worried and over thinking sometimes if I cant get answer to my concern. But well maybe it's the test only how we deal some situation like this, I shoudn't worry about it much because it will only give me wrinkles.😄

Another day tomorrow and hope all is fine.

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