Saturday, 16 January 2021

Expect nothing

And you get something. Sometimes we want something but we don't get it, but when you least expect it, you receive something and or got someone, so it was YOU that makes my world go round. 

To you who just appear out of nowhere 
To you who I never expect to get along with 
To you who is there to me when I'm at my worst and sorrow times 
To you who consistently talk and stay during wee hours
To you who never get tired of listening to my concern and sometimes drama
To you who makes me feel I'm the prettiest woman in the world
To you believe me in any ways
To you who goes out all the way to help me sort out stuff I can't do in my absence
To you who is very kind, genuine, honest and trustworthy
To you who makes my heartbeat again
To you that makes me feel me think that love is worth the second time around
To you who makes me feel secure 
To you who accepts me for who I am
To you who snore and sleeptalk 😁
But because of you and your flaws makes me accept the whole of you and so you accept the whole lot of me. 
To you who less talk but more of action, that's what I love most about you. 
To you, how I wish you never get tired of me. 

So the You, please be good, stay real and stay the same. 

Let's keep the love shining and the love stronger and healthier. 

I LAB YOU... ❤️❤️❤️

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