Wednesday, 9 December 2020

He Made A Way

Being so far away from our family puts us in a very difficult situation especially when a member of the family died overseas. The pandemic makes it more harder, you don't know if you can travel considering all the covid restrictions and travel conditions. Some aren't allowed to travel because of overall banned for overseas travel or limited airline flights. I knew a couple of friends that never get the chance to see their love ones, it was very sad.

Our mum passed away, I'm not sure if I'm able to go home knowing a friend of ours didn't make it when her mum passed away. Lucky with the change of restriction overtime,  I was exempted to travel under compassionate ground reason. It's very fair and considerate that I was permitted to travel overseas, my work allowed me to have as much off as I need. It's a big decision to go home not knowing when I can return to Australia but I don't think twice, for me I need to see Mama for the last time. I don't care how much it cost or how long I will indefinitely stay overseas. 

Sister and I had a very unforgettable travel experience, lots of obstacles along the way, we almost didn't make it to travel because of very strict restriction, but the presence of God was with us, we keep praying, He was so powerful and He made a way. He turn the impossible into possible, it's miraculous. 

We can feel as if our mum is doing the smart idea, it was her clever moves that is working on our behalf. Of all the experience and challenges we have encountered it feels like mum is telling us what to do, we can actually feel her  presence that moment. It's overwhelming but of course with Gods guidance and mysterious ways everything run smoothly. We can't believe we were able to travel, but we made it.

Thanks God for making it all possible. He didn't leave us in times of our sorrows and challenges. He made a way even there seems to be no way. We always trust and have in faith God because He is the only one that can save us in times of distress.

We finally made it to the Philippines, to celebrate the life of Mama, it was ended all worth it. Now just enjoying our time with family and friends creating happy memories that will be treasured forever.

Thanks to all friends and family who played a big part  of our journey and make our travel successful.

God is good all the time and all the time God is Good.

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