Monday, 13 July 2020

Enjoying Life

Life is too precious to waste your time doing something isn't productive, I sometimes do😃. This past month was really a busy, active and productive life for me, that I even have no time to write or photoblog. I have lots to write that was already in my thoughts, but don't know which one topic to start, I'm so behind.(lol) Every night as I relax on my bed, I  always wanted to write but it end up I didn't, lazy me. 

Well, a lot of things happen to me, mostly it's positive because it's all about happiness, God's love, adventure and fun times.  Last week of June my sister and friends went for a camping and roadtrip to Eyre Peninsula, mainly the Port Lincoln and the side of town, photos are coming up soon. I did the general cleaning this weekend, so glad with my accomplishment of doing house chores, it's like magic, seeing around your house clean, tidy and organise.  My pet  goldfish was so happy and feeling fresh when I replace the water 😃😃. 

Life is so unpredictable. One day you wake up and you realise the surprises that you feel and experience. Especially  if I'm feeling great and as if there's no problem in the world,  it's overwhelming. The sadness or worry feeling is fine but I don't welcome them often, if they pop up they doesn't stay very long they're allergic to me (lol).

So lucky to meet lovely people, especially my church family that I didn't think I would be part of  the community, to have some personal support is fantastic. We gather to praise and worship God at the same time I'm enjoying their company and sharing life's experience that will enlighten and enrich my spiritual growth that God is always the center of my/our life/lives. He puts me in this community to be more closer to Him and focus my life on Him, it's weird to think or share this feeling to someone that doesn't know Him, but the reality is? Life is so easy and stress free if God will be the one to lead our life. I wish everyone will feel this kind of feeling I've felt everyday or I can be in one way or another influence or encourage a friend or two to be a follower of Him and share the wonders of His doings, the unconditional love so He sacrifice His life just to save all of us from sin. 

Hope everyone is enjoying life, always smile and be happy, and share your time and help others. Live everyday life as if it's your last!!!