Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Alone but not lonely

Today was a lovely day, though it was cold but it doesn't feel like if you are busy. It's beautiful day, feeling great knowing you make someone happy and feel she's cared of. After my doctor's appointment this morning, we went to MIL house to pick her up to visit her cardiologist. She was surprised I was standing in front door when my sister arrives on her place, she thought I was working today. Last week, she ask favour to my sister if she can drive her to the doctor because lately it's hard for her to walk if she drive and park her car somewhere. We are actually almost the same time of appointment but luckily I called my doctor the day before if I can reschedule the time a bit early and its good there's a vacant time for me. She was happy that sister and I accompany her, she felt like she had a family, especially at her age, she's 81, alone but not lonely as she always said, but I doubt it, you can see on her eyes that sometimes she's lonely. 

While waiting for her turn to see the doctor, I've asked her if she don't mind if we take her out to dinner on Vietnamese Restaurant near Central Market. She happily replied yes, I don't even expect it, as she always wants everything planned but knowing us being spontaneous and not planning this sort of stuff, she get used already. After Covid it's our first time to visit this favourite Vietnamese Restaurant again, the name is Thahn Thahn. We are the first customer and were glad we've got to dine in again 😃. She was thankful that we take her out, if we don't do it, she just stay home most of the time. She was grateful indeed, that even my late  husband is gone, sister and I were still there for her.

Here's the food we ordered:


  1. That food looks delicious. Great to go out again. You are very kind to your MIL. Well done.

    1. Yes, love vietnamese food. Thanks for always dropping by 😊