Monday, 8 June 2020

Motivated and Inspired

Last night, I was looking for my travel and camping photos while waiting for my cousins to online on facebook messenger because we are going to have video chat. I will blog about my cousins next time 😃😃😃

One of the screenshot photo during our video chat few days ago

 I have posted one of our last camping before Covid-19 at Butlers Beach, Marion Bay. If you want to check out some of  my camping, roadtrip, travel, walks and hikes photos you can visit my other site The World is My Playground. I will try to make time everyday or during evening to post each places that I have visited. So stay tune, I still need to compile some photos and find my usb as my laptop hard drive gave up and can't be restored anymore. Lucky I had Usb back up, I just need to find them and for now I will use  some photos on my mobile phone gallery.

So yea, it's a matter of time and effort only to write and photoblog and not be destructed, but I'm always destructed by Netfix and video chat with cousins (lol).  I stop blogging last 2016, so really I need to keep up (lol). I actually miss blogging as what I used to do like 8 years ago? Participating on daily photo memes where all bloggers around the world are sharing and posting stories of their amazing and beautiful photos as if I already know their lives and as if I have travelled around the world seeing all their photos.

I'm excited to post more of my camping and travel photos soon, it maybe a late post but it's better than not posting them at all.

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