Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Dream, It Possible

Yesterday, was a busy and long day. The day to make decision and commitment, to focus on my priority in life and not waste time doing something that is isn't helpful and not productive.

To wish something which I don't know if it will become reality. I have patiently waiting for along time and I ask God why it didn't happen? Now, I will put my time and extra effort to it, I hope it's part of God's plan in my life so I will have the hope even just a little bit. I have never really wished a serious one before, but this time on my birthday I'm humbly wishing to God about it, but if it wont come true I will not get disappointed. I will leave it up to Him and trust His works because He knows what's best for me and for now I will just do my part. God knows whats my wish and whats my heart desire. I think its not bad to ask, to wish or to dream of something I want for my life. There's nothing impossible to God, so I will keep dreaming....

 Yesterday's bible verse is up on the photo. Will He grant my wish? Am I good and deserving  enough to receive the wish I'm asking for? I will just wait and see if its according to His Will. Please God,  I wish that my Wish will be your command.😃

Thank you God, for making me strong and courageous to face and overcome life's challenges and decisions. I've became matured enough to handle every challenge and situation I've faced everyday and I don't worry much or get disappointed because if it doesn't turn the way I want to be, because  I know if its Your Will it will Be Done. 

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