Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Solar Panel, Feed-in Tarriff

First of July is the end contract of my electricity provider, few months ago when I had the solar panel installed in the house, I'd found out my provider was the lowest feed-in tariff offer on most other electricity provider I had compared, not unless you will buy or get the solar panel with them. I had a chat with them if they can increase the feed-in tariff but they said that's all they can give. End of the month of May, I have received an email from them to renew the contract, if they don't hear anything from me but still stay with them, they have set of standard plan to both electricity and gas.  When I have opened the attachment the fees and charges were higher compare to my current plan, so I was alarmed, this isn't right.

So I contact my friend, who always advise and help me or recommend better options about this kind of matter, since I don't have much knowledge about it, he's very clever and smart. We actually have the same solar panel company which he also recommended to me.  So I've told my friend that my contract to the current provider will end this month of June. Click Energy is his current provider that is offering a good feed-in tariff and plan inclusions, he's been telling me ages ago to switch.  So on that night, on the spot I switch to Click Energy while my friend was available or have time to help me how to sign up and chose the right plan. It's good at least I've signed before the contract end.

But the other day, I have a phone call from my current provider, regarding the reason of termination of contract because the Click Energy contact then in regards to disconnection and reconnection process. So I told my reason, about low feed-in tariff offer, then the lady encourage me to stay and offer me higher feed-in tariff and ask how many cents per kilowatts I was offered, so I told her "I can't tell you". She is trying to convince me to stay and give some discounts as well, but I told her, I can't just suddenly change my mind because you are offering me a higher tariff, I've asked before but I was declined, now that I'm leaving, why offer the higher tariff. I don't know if it sound nasty but I told her "I've already signed up and make a commitment to the new provider, I need to protect my credibility and integrity."😃😃

The lesson is, not because I was offered a higher tariff I will change my mind straight away and stay with them. Its about commitment and having a word of honour is what I stand for.


  1. Interesting attitude. My husband always threatens to leave and then we get a higher discount.

    1. Yes, they dont like someone is leaving, then they offer, but I think the CLick energy has better offer so i didn't change my mind.