Sunday, 7 June 2020

30 days Steps Challenge

Qantas Wellbeing

Started last June 1st, one of my good friend Era from Brisbane, challenged each other to reach 7,500 steps daily for 30 days. We both are member of Qantas Frequent Flyer and were trying to collect more points so we download the apps called Qantas Well Being, it's about health and fitness. If you want to get thousands of bonus points, they encourage you to purchase Health Insurance but it's not compulsory. You can still use the app and earn points through walking, sleep  and compete with a friend challenge activity.  You only earn very little points daily  but if you do it everyday you can build up to add to your existing points and you have nothing to lose but gain.

Anyway, my friend and I accepted the challenge of 7,500 steps daily. So I have invited her for the 30 days steps challenge and so she will be visible to my account. My friend works in the office, so she don't get much walk on working hours but she said, she walk around the block most days. While I am working in retail so I'm confident enough that I can get most of the steps, if not I will continue around the house only (haha)

On our first day challenge, June 1st was Monday and I'm working whole day, so I don't worry about my steps, but Tuesday was my day off, what did I do? Ahhh, we went to my doctor and shopping in harbourtown so I've made some steps there plus some walks around the house. But some days if I have short shift and sometimes I forgot that I need to incur more steps, I ask my manager if he wants me to do something and I realise, the job he wants me to do is cutting cheeses, so I will just stay on one place, I end up telling him if it's ok that I will just keep serving customer so I can walk here and there(haha) but if no customer and I cut cheeses but I still manage to step from side ways or just steady steps, isn't it a clever idea? My workmates were wondering what I was doing (haha), so I explain to them, even myself was laughing with what I'm doing too. If my shift has finished, I just continue walking around the house and my sister was laughing at me, that sometimes I realise I'm walking without my phone in my pocket, so I waste hundreds of steps already (haha).

While my friend's update, was a funny one too. If she can't complete the steps and she's tired walking around her house, she bargain and ask her son to walk in behalf of her, the reward is, no chores for her son to do.(haha) and as well, what my friend does, while watching tv, she just stand up and do a steady steps. 

This is the first week challenge and I've completed all the steps. I still have 3 weeks left to stay active and keep walking. I enjoy it actually, since I love walking, it also motivates me to go out and walk, it's good for my health, it feels good, it keeps me fit and energetic.

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