Saturday, 20 June 2020

My Birthday

Last 16th of June was my birthday. I had celebrated it at home with the help of my sister, we cooked a few dishes. I only made spring roll and most food was cooked by my loving sister 🤣🤣, aren't am I lucky to have that kind of sister, who can absorb all my craziness and behavior? 

My very supportive and understanding Sistah

Well, my celebration started during lunch time because some friends can't make it on dinner time, as well as they need to pick up their kids at school at 3pm.

The first batch during lunch time
The others came during late afternoon aftet their work and some came back on dinner time. It's batch by batch (lol) Actually my friends were not all complete because its weekday and a rainy day, so some can't make it. But it's fine because they sincerely have greeted me and wish me a happy birthday. 
The Afternoon Batch

The dinner time batch

I had a blast on my birthday, I've seen most of my friends after all the Covid restriction was lifted. It was really nice to catch up with them, share jokes and never ending laughter.

I'm so thankful and grateful to have these friends who through laughter's and tears are there for me, the friendship that was tested and proven in time, so I will treasure them forever. To all my family and friends back home and to relatives around the country, I miss you and I love you all.

I thank God of course for He never make me feel I'm alone especially in times of sorrow and grief. For the friends and family that always there for me and all the blessings, provision and wonders that God always surprises me in his mysterious ways. 

So, yeah I'm 42 years old now, but sometimes I act like 10 yrs old only (hahaha). I'm happy and contented, single and ready to mingle (lol)

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Solar Panel, Feed-in Tarriff

First of July is the end contract of my electricity provider, few months ago when I had the solar panel installed in the house, I'd found out my provider was the lowest feed-in tariff offer on most other electricity provider I had compared, not unless you will buy or get the solar panel with them. I had a chat with them if they can increase the feed-in tariff but they said that's all they can give. End of the month of May, I have received an email from them to renew the contract, if they don't hear anything from me but still stay with them, they have set of standard plan to both electricity and gas.  When I have opened the attachment the fees and charges were higher compare to my current plan, so I was alarmed, this isn't right.

So I contact my friend, who always advise and help me or recommend better options about this kind of matter, since I don't have much knowledge about it, he's very clever and smart. We actually have the same solar panel company which he also recommended to me.  So I've told my friend that my contract to the current provider will end this month of June. Click Energy is his current provider that is offering a good feed-in tariff and plan inclusions, he's been telling me ages ago to switch.  So on that night, on the spot I switch to Click Energy while my friend was available or have time to help me how to sign up and chose the right plan. It's good at least I've signed before the contract end.

But the other day, I have a phone call from my current provider, regarding the reason of termination of contract because the Click Energy contact then in regards to disconnection and reconnection process. So I told my reason, about low feed-in tariff offer, then the lady encourage me to stay and offer me higher feed-in tariff and ask how many cents per kilowatts I was offered, so I told her "I can't tell you". She is trying to convince me to stay and give some discounts as well, but I told her, I can't just suddenly change my mind because you are offering me a higher tariff, I've asked before but I was declined, now that I'm leaving, why offer the higher tariff. I don't know if it sound nasty but I told her "I've already signed up and make a commitment to the new provider, I need to protect my credibility and integrity."😃😃

The lesson is, not because I was offered a higher tariff I will change my mind straight away and stay with them. Its about commitment and having a word of honour is what I stand for.

Monday, 8 June 2020

Motivated and Inspired

Last night, I was looking for my travel and camping photos while waiting for my cousins to online on facebook messenger because we are going to have video chat. I will blog about my cousins next time 😃😃😃

One of the screenshot photo during our video chat few days ago

 I have posted one of our last camping before Covid-19 at Butlers Beach, Marion Bay. If you want to check out some of  my camping, roadtrip, travel, walks and hikes photos you can visit my other site The World is My Playground. I will try to make time everyday or during evening to post each places that I have visited. So stay tune, I still need to compile some photos and find my usb as my laptop hard drive gave up and can't be restored anymore. Lucky I had Usb back up, I just need to find them and for now I will use  some photos on my mobile phone gallery.

So yea, it's a matter of time and effort only to write and photoblog and not be destructed, but I'm always destructed by Netfix and video chat with cousins (lol).  I stop blogging last 2016, so really I need to keep up (lol). I actually miss blogging as what I used to do like 8 years ago? Participating on daily photo memes where all bloggers around the world are sharing and posting stories of their amazing and beautiful photos as if I already know their lives and as if I have travelled around the world seeing all their photos.

I'm excited to post more of my camping and travel photos soon, it maybe a late post but it's better than not posting them at all.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Dream, It Possible

Yesterday, was a busy and long day. The day to make decision and commitment, to focus on my priority in life and not waste time doing something that is isn't helpful and not productive.

To wish something which I don't know if it will become reality. I have patiently waiting for along time and I ask God why it didn't happen? Now, I will put my time and extra effort to it, I hope it's part of God's plan in my life so I will have the hope even just a little bit. I have never really wished a serious one before, but this time on my birthday I'm humbly wishing to God about it, but if it wont come true I will not get disappointed. I will leave it up to Him and trust His works because He knows what's best for me and for now I will just do my part. God knows whats my wish and whats my heart desire. I think its not bad to ask, to wish or to dream of something I want for my life. There's nothing impossible to God, so I will keep dreaming....

 Yesterday's bible verse is up on the photo. Will He grant my wish? Am I good and deserving  enough to receive the wish I'm asking for? I will just wait and see if its according to His Will. Please God,  I wish that my Wish will be your command.😃

Thank you God, for making me strong and courageous to face and overcome life's challenges and decisions. I've became matured enough to handle every challenge and situation I've faced everyday and I don't worry much or get disappointed because if it doesn't turn the way I want to be, because  I know if its Your Will it will Be Done. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Alone but not lonely

Today was a lovely day, though it was cold but it doesn't feel like if you are busy. It's beautiful day, feeling great knowing you make someone happy and feel she's cared of. After my doctor's appointment this morning, we went to MIL house to pick her up to visit her cardiologist. She was surprised I was standing in front door when my sister arrives on her place, she thought I was working today. Last week, she ask favour to my sister if she can drive her to the doctor because lately it's hard for her to walk if she drive and park her car somewhere. We are actually almost the same time of appointment but luckily I called my doctor the day before if I can reschedule the time a bit early and its good there's a vacant time for me. She was happy that sister and I accompany her, she felt like she had a family, especially at her age, she's 81, alone but not lonely as she always said, but I doubt it, you can see on her eyes that sometimes she's lonely. 

While waiting for her turn to see the doctor, I've asked her if she don't mind if we take her out to dinner on Vietnamese Restaurant near Central Market. She happily replied yes, I don't even expect it, as she always wants everything planned but knowing us being spontaneous and not planning this sort of stuff, she get used already. After Covid it's our first time to visit this favourite Vietnamese Restaurant again, the name is Thahn Thahn. We are the first customer and were glad we've got to dine in again 😃. She was thankful that we take her out, if we don't do it, she just stay home most of the time. She was grateful indeed, that even my late  husband is gone, sister and I were still there for her.

Here's the food we ordered:

Monday, 1 June 2020

Another Day Has Gone

I'm still all alone, how could this be? You're not here with  me, you never said goodbye? Someone tell me why? Why you have to go and leave my world so cold. Every night I sit and ask myself why did love slip away (You go Away). Someone whispers in my ear and say. "You are not alone, for I am here with you". Though w'e're far away, I'm here to stay, though we're far apart, you're always in my heart".

This morning, when I was driving to work and turned on my car radio, that song played. "You are not Alone" by Michael Jackson. Before, everytime some emotional song related to a lost  of love one or love songs that plays on radio, I really breakdown and cry while driving, so I don't turn on the radio when I'm driving. Especially when his favourite songs will randomly play, out of expectation, I can just feel his spirit and told my sister "Si" is here.

But now, if random songs will play, I take it as positive and not emotionally affected about it. I just think that he is out there, my guardian angel, looking after me and guiding me, letting me know he is around and he never leaves me.

Though sometimes it's hard, but I'm strong enough to face the reality that there is more life than to dwell on something that will never come back and not permanent.

Life must go on and I keep on moving everyday, knowing there's more happiness that is coming my way. I just need to wait and look forward for the better future ahead of me.

I'm happy and contented of the life I have now, through our God that strenghtens me and never leave me in my darkest days.