Sunday, 31 May 2020

Into the Woods

Last Saturday,  we went for a short roadtrip to Adelaide Hills, from Flagstaff hill, Chandlers hill, Clarendon to Meadows was a beautiful scenic drive until we reached Kuitpo Forest Reserve where we are going to walk/hike. The weather forecast was 80% raining in the afternoon but it doesn't stop us to go, once we agreed to go, there's no buts, it's rather do or die or now or never 😃😃

The afternoon was really beautiful, the sun is out and not promising to rain. We arrived in the forest, it looks a bit busy with many cars on parking. More bike riders were present on the entrance getting ready for the bike trail. The forest were planted with tall pine trees everywhere. Some has experienced bush fires during the hot summer days. As we keep walking we saw some wild mushrooms scattered in every part of the forest trail, was amazed to see the red color with white dots mushroom, I only saw this color on a decorative mushroom ornament but these ones are real.

The forest was peaceful and quite but a bit spooky if it's dark and your alone walking 😃😃.  There's left and right turn trail but there's no sign or direction where it is heading. As we keep walking we found some trail heading to a lookout, what a beautiful view, there's also a trail going down to reach the campground. We stayed there for a while to enjoy the view while listening to music and other friends were dancing on the beat.

We tried to head back down because the sky is getting so dramatic and dark, signal that rain is slowly starting to pour. I think another 45 mins to go back, we are concern that we will catch the rain but not worrying much if we get wet 😃😃

It was very windy and cold, we can see the pine trees were swaying sideways thinking it will break. We are closer to the ground when we saw some small branches of pine tree fell on the ground, and one tree is about to break and bending so we are alarmed to walk faster, but our friend Lemon don't care and still dancing as he walks.

The trail had finished and as we arrive in the carpark, the rain just litterally pour and we are so lucky not to get caught by the rain while we are still walking.

It was fun and another adventurous day for us. 

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