Friday, 8 May 2020

Fear Not for I'm With You

Yes, I have lots of fear and scary moment within myself. I have fear in heights, under water, fear to cross the road with no traffic lights, fear to turn right when driving especially there's no arrow sign, easily get jumpy or nervous when the light changed from green to yellow 😊

I'm lucky, I motivate myself to learn how to drive, since I have phobia when I'm on the road. Just a beep or horn of a car I get startled, you got to laugh sometimes. I don't like a sudden noise if it's all quite. My sister and I sometimes just laugh when it's very quite at home especially when I'm by myself and suddenly she will appear in front me, I easily get startled and tell her off why she just appear without a warning, I'm contagious that if I shout, she will shout as well then we both laugh. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Now writing this makes me laugh alone like crazy...

What else? There's still random scary stuff that I feel sometimes πŸ˜‚, funny isn't it? Do you have fear in your life too or get scared of? I hope not the same as mine because it doesn't feel right haha.

The good thing is I've learnt how to conquer most of my fear. With motivation and encouragement of myself and people around me I slowly overcome them. 

The fear of heights was the one I've overcome. Few years ago, I ride on 800 meters zip line and this year January  I did underwater  helmet diving. I feel so nervous and scare, with me having negative thoughts that I might fall in the water and get drown and I will die because I don't know how to swim hahaha just acting like a child, but then I have the motivation to do it, thinking "If Others Can Do, Why Can't I" that's the spirit😊 and then I've made it and it's fun, adventurous and  beautiful experience that I may say one day, I did it.

All I can say is that the more you have stronger faith in God, the more you become fearless and let it go of the negative thoughts,  you are in God's hand, He will protect you and not harm you, just surrender all your burdens to Him and accept him as your Saviour and He will be with You in all you do. 

Now I'm happily living life with less worry, less fear and less stress. I just enjoy life as if it's always my last day. 😊

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