Tuesday, 12 May 2020

A Walk to Remember

With my very close friend. Have we known each other since 2009? I can't remember the actual months, I'm just even guessing the year. We've met on my workplace Since day one you've been nice to me, invite me to your house and have a meal, your a good listener, easy going, a walking buddy. You're one of the few friends that is very loyal, can be trusted, and was always there present for me from day one that I've known you. You go out all the way even sometimes your tired from work or still make time before going to work to be present on special occasion. 

You're there especially when I'm at my saddest day and downfall moments of my life when I infact don't expect it. I'm so grateful for you and your husband, and of course the other friends not to mention, because this blog is for You. 

I didn't expect you will go down all the way to be there for me to get me through that couple days. What else I can ask for? God gave me this kind of friend whom I can heartily and openly share everything from all my craziness, happiness especially the sadness, from personal, emotional and spiritual aspect of my life we get along. 

We had a very nice walk yesterday, it's coincidence that our days off are the same, again your there to listen to me in any concern, that I may not able to share to other friends but your  ear is always ready to absurb all my silly and funny stories especially to the many changes in my life that I'm facing, you give me some piece of advice and word of wisdom. 

Thanks so much for being you, for being there for me. And for the lunch treat yesterday because I purposely left my purse in your car because I don't want to carry while we're walking. The meal we ordered looks weird and we were confused how it looks like, but it was tasty and delicious, we've tried something new. 

We did a very long and slow walking yesterday because of our interesting chats. Next time it's my treat.. 不不

I don't know what little things I contribute in your life, but I'm just letting you know I'm always here if you need me, we are like a crying ladies sometimes but one time I've realised you cried easily compare to me. 不不不

Lablab you, 

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