Monday, 30 March 2020

The World is Changing

The world is in crisis right now. Many people have suffered and died from the pandemic cause of Corona Virus. A very infectious and deadly disease that spreads everywhere, anywhere and infect the lives of human. No one knows who will get it, it maybe you or maybe me. It's very scary and sad to think that the world is experiencing this unprecedented event. Who would believe it's really happening right now? 

The government are doing their best to solve the problem, but it will only stop with the help and cooperation of all the people in every nation. It was very tough situation the whole world is dealing right now. Our nation made a decision to lock down borders especially overseas travelling. All public places that people gather together were closed, you name it.  People were restricted to stay home if possible and be vigilant of what's happening in the surrounding. No party or events, people panicking like it's the end of the world. There's a sudden hysteria in supermarkets regarding toilet paper, I wonder why 😃 It's like your watching a horror or an Outbreak movie the way people act and react with the situation. We can't blame them though. 

But with all of this restriction, It's our time to reflect about what kind of life ahead of us after all of this experiences. We are able to spend quality time with our families, it's time to focus on what's important in life, how we can live by just mostly staying at home, no going out, no dining in restaurant, no going to pubs and clubs or do some outdoor sports or activities. 

It's been a month or two now since it's started. I'm praying and let us all pray that God will hear all our prayers and one day, very soon everything will come back to normal, let us be patient because He can do it in His time and we can live more happily after everything we've been through. As long as we have strong faith in God, we don't really need to worry, we will understand His Plan and He will make the world a better place. No medicine can cure no matter what, if His purpose is to renew us, it's only Him, no one is more powerful than God but if we all surrender our burdens, our life and call on His name, He can make miracles and restore all the broken,  we will just be surprised, His already working in mysterious ways. He will our Land, it's worth waiting.

Time is important so let's all spend it wisely. Love one another because God is Love.

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