Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Cancelled Holiday Due to COVID-19

Supposed to be, last March 21, Saturday, my sis and I will go for an interstate holiday for 5 days at Tasmania but was cancelled due to COVID-19 restriction of travel. Since the roster at work was already fixed, I can't withdraw my annual leave. So I wonder what am I going to do with the rest of my days off since it's not recommended to be exposed outside and avoid crowds. 

Actually the cancelled holiday was really a good idea, sis and I help each other clean up and tidying the house, re-arranging the lounge and furniture. I had the time to change the water of an aquarium tank and transfer it to hallway area, it takes a couple hours and more. Clean and backwash the swimming pool, lots of clean up(lol) It was very productive and relaxing holiday at the same. I'm proud of myself (lol) Achievement it is.

There's one morning, I went for a walk alone along the shore and out of a sudden I saw a green color pebble on the sand, its my fave colour plus it's semi-heart shaped, I became emotional thinking my late hubby was walking with me, of many color why Green? I feel teary eyed. I really had a good look on pebble maybe it's just plastic or glass that was wiped out by the waves, but it's really a pebble, I even try to bite it to make sure it's not plastic or glass made.  As I keep walking I didn't notice I'm already collecting some unique shape and sizes of pebbles to add in my aquarium tank, the pockets of my jumper are already full and I end up coming back to the shore the next day and collect more pebbles😃😃

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