Monday, 10 February 2020

Walk and Talk

Another day has gone, it's Monday, my long shift at work.  It ended nicely, no pressure or stress, and had shared a good laugh with my workmate.

After work, I went home straight away. My sister was home already, while I'm relaxing on the lounge I had a sudden thought of going for walking, but I think twice if I still have energy to walk since I'm a bit tired from work. I message our friend to go walking with us,  he was quick to reply so he come over to our place. 

As always, we went to the beach because it's closer to us, this time at Somerton Beach. It's almost 8pm when we go so I doubt if I will get to see the sunset. My sister decided to stay in the car because she wasn't feeling very well to have a long walk. So my friend and I started walking, I'm bit tired but  I'm still motivated to walk. It was a new trail and track, we both are admiring the beautiful  design of the houses that were newly built. How peaceful and beautiful it would be to live on the glass and beach front house. 

On some moments, I just had random conversation with my friend, some jokes and some serious. The other is about my grieving process, how I feel and how I deal with the situation, how I act when I'm alone and in front of my friends. It's a good feeling I've got to share and express my sentiments and it was nice of him to listen and absorb what I'm talking about, I feel light and relieve.

Some photos I've captured along the way....The sun is down and it only leaves the traces.

We didn't realize how far we walk already so we decided to return to the car. We are wondering what my sister is doing or how long she have waited for us.The night was ended with a good meal, a home made pasta carbonara for our late dinner and a movie night.

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  1. Lovely sunset skies and walk with a good friend. You had a lovely Monday evening. :)
    Have a good week, Romina. :)