Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Table Tennis

Last night table tennis competition. Just sharing a sneak peek video and a couple shots of photos of my table tennis game at Brighton Table Tennis Club taken by my sister, I played with the Chinese lady, we had fun we both like to laugh and giggle while playing especially if we score or miss the points. She felt frustrated because I won the first two sets, and on the 3rd set she jokingly told me, "let me win just even one set". I said,"you will and let's see how the game goes, let's enjoy the game".

And luckily she did win the 3rd set. The 4th set was tough, it was a very close fight, I almost win, only 1 point to go and the game was over but suddenly she paused saying she's feeling dizzy.  So I suggested, if she wants to drink water and take a deep breath, seeing her face turns pale. After the time out break, my game changed. Unfortunately I didn't won the 4th game with the score 11-13, the winning score is 10, if you both score 10 you need to advance additional score of 2 points to win.

I later knew, she felt dizzy and nervous because she won't accept that she's about to loss the game and said she can do better.

So we made it to the last set and thanks God I won.  We hugged each other and happily say it was a fun and good game on both of us. 


  1. Well done! Table Tennis is a great sport. I used to play when I was young.

    1. Thank you, very nice indoor sport. Thanks for passing by.