Tuesday, 25 February 2020

River Torrens at Elders Park

Last weekend instead of walking along the bay,  we went to the city side for a change. We went to Elders park, one of the land mark and tourist attraction in Adelaide city. The River Torrens was located at Elders Park. It was on this place where thousands of people gather to celebrate New Year's Eve and watch the fireworks and other public events. The park was surrounded with high buildings, five start hotels, entertainment center, Universities, Adelaide Oval where football and big concerts was being held.

It was a quite night walking on both sides of the River Torrens, it was late but with the great company of my sister and friends makes the night more joyful with no dull moments when I'm with them.

Just sharing some photos of how the River Torrens and the bridge look at night:

 Elders Park
 Adelaide Oval View
 The Under Bridge tunnel, with Adelaide Oval on the background
 The foot bridge coming from Adelaide Oval side

View from the Bridge

The rainbow under bridge tunnel
 Adelaide Oval reflection on the River Torrens

 The bridge changing color lights
 The bridge and Adelaide Oval
 The bridge connecting from Adelaide Oval to Casino, Railway Station, Adelaide Convention Center and 5 star hotels

To see more photos of the sky please visit Skywatch Friday


  1. Beautiful city by night! Your photography is amazing.

  2. I love the sight of colourful lights at night reflecting in the water. Nice capture. - Margy

  3. Your night photography is excellent. Really enjoyed the photos!

  4. I like the colorful photos.

  5. Like your low light photography, nice lights and atmosphere!

  6. Hello, the night shots are beautiful. I love the reflections. Well done! Enjoy your day, wishing you a great weekend!

  7. What a lovely place! You captured the lights so well!

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