Thursday, 6 February 2020

New Start

I'm back, after a few years of not blogging, here I am now starting a new one. Back then I used to have 3 blogsites, I don't know if some of you still remember or even still saved my sites on your page. The titles were "Everyday As It Comes", My Dreams, My ThoughtMy Everything" and "My Healthy Lifestyle. I was very active on my first few years around 2010-14.  I get to know and made a few blogger friends around the world through exchanging comments and seeing all there post in every meme page. I always participate and post daily but I'm not well known like the other bloggers who are already professional photographer. I'm just a quite photo blogger that happens to be frustrated photographer on those days. It was fun collecting and taking photos about water, sky, animals, reflection and certain colors of anything so I have something to post daily, I bet you do the same thing.

Sadly, I became inactive when I've got a full time and 2 jobs,  I took my blogs for granted until I can't maintain already.  Around 2015-2016 I slow down and hardly don't have any post, sometimes only once a month until it became a year, I can't even complete and submit my paid blog assignment on time. I feel unmotivated and lazy to even take photos of the places I've been. Due to lack of time to write and not participating often on daily memes post, I end up giving up my sites until I can't be bothered to renew my domain names, so they just all expired.  It was my saddest decision, as joining the blogging world inspires me, a stress free hobby, I feel like I've have already travel around the world by seeing all the amazing and beautiful photos you all have shared. I'm so thankful and lucky too see  and appreciate the beauty of God's creation in this online world.

What motivate me to start blogging again? When my sister and I were walking along the beach few days ago, I had a sudden urge of taking photos of the sunset, then blogging pop-up in to my mind especially the Skywatch Friday meme, that's when I thought of starting to create new blog, by sharing some of my sky snapshot on the Skywatch Friday. I was thinking if all those meme's page were still working, I quickly googled online and I'm glad it was still there, still lots of bloggers are participating and sharing there beautiful photos of skies around the world.

I have lots of stories to tell, some spare time to share, old and new photos to post about my life's journey and adventure. So stay tune. Hope you will add my blog and support me as I start a new one again.  Until my next post.

Happy weekend to all bloggers!!!


  1. Good Luck in restarting your blog. You're right, blogging is very time and thought consuming. And it's difficult to keep taking good photos, especially when the weather is not so good. Like here in England.

    1. Thanks, some changes in my life so I had some spare time to blog again.