Monday, 17 February 2020


Is my off, I'm looking forward to you. I can sleep and wake up late, and that's what happened. On Tuesday, normally is a catch up gathering with my friends, most of them were free on Tuesday, so when my permanent roster was changed, I requested a Tuesday off, so incase there is a catch up I can be present often, especially if I'm not doing anything important.

But today, there's no Tuesday session with friends so I just stay home. I have my ham and cheese toast and chocolate milk for my late breakfast while watching Netflix, the Korean drama series, while also chatting and connecting to some friends online. 

It's a lazy and relaxing day to stay in bed, I didn't realised it was almost 5pm, Korean drama you always occupied most of my spare time 😁😁, once I started watching the drama I get addicted and hooked on it. I haven't done any tidying at home, lucky I already wash the dishes last night 😄. But it's okay I deserve to relax and do nothing on my day off.

What's more relaxing is looking at the pool water waving at me. So inviting, it's a bit windy and cloudy day so I'll give it a miss.

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