Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Huawei P30 Pro

Since I'm re-starting my new blogsite, I upgraded my phone. The old camera phone I have isn't as good as the new ones, it's out dated already. I spent some nights searching and looking of what's best camera phone is available on the market. There are 10 best ones to chose, each of them has their own quality and performance in taking photos, the pros and cons was being reviewed as well. I had my eye on a couple of the best, but I don't want to spend spend a fortune. The budget friendly phone was Oppo Reno, Samsung A70,  but I end up getting Huawei P30 Pro, the reviews was recommended for travel and night shots. So I'd picked this one.

Anyway, another walk we did yesterday, from Henley beach jetty to Grange beach Jetty and vice versa.  It was an overcast cloudy day that we haven't seen the sunset, it's hiding under the clouds. So yesterday was my first time to christen my new phone camera. I was hoping that the picture I will capture will give justice to the reviews I have read, or maybe it's not the camera but how I take photos of the subject?😄😄

I few photos I've took while walking, my favorites were the nights shot, it's very clear and I'm amaze with the result of the images compare to my old phone. The photos has no filter or editing, I just click the way I take photos before: 

This photo was taken before we start our walking

The night shot, taken with no lighting in my background

Both photos, has a light post behind me, so these are the images

This photos when it's not dark yet

The night shots with no light background

On my first few years of having a phone I used an Android, a few years after I was an Iphone user, and now back to Android again which I all forgotten to use, so I don't feel happy playing with it as if I'm a toddler starting to crawl. The features I need to learn, the swiping style compare to apple features is different, but I will get there.😁😁.

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  1. Hello again, glad to see you back. It dies take a while to get used to a new phone or new programs on the computer. Hang in there it will all start to come together soon. Don't be shy in using photo editing. It makes your photos more like what your eyes really saw.

  2. Your pics have turned out really nice. Good luck with your new phone camera!

  3. I love that shot taken under the pier!