Friday, 7 February 2020

For the Love of Food

My sister and I had a busy  but productive day today.  After work, I accompany my sister to pick up her car at the mechanic shop.  After the pick up, I told her  I need to buy our food supply for the weekend camping. But at that moment, I'm feeling hungry so I was thinking to buy a take away burger, she suggested if we could eat on Malaysian restaurant near the supermarket location. She is craving to eat special fried rice and vegetable, so I agree. It sounds yummy 😊😊😊

My sister was the one who chose our food. It was a lovely dinner.

Special fried rice

Mixed vegetable with prawns and tofu

Salt and pepper squid with fresh salad

After dinner, my sister and I separate our ways, she went to the walk-in medical clinic, while I do our food shopping. I only rush my shopping because the supermarket will close at 9pm. My sister will pick me up when she finish her consultation but unfortunately it wasn't her turn yet so I've waited a short while.

While waiting on the outside lobby, I took these interesting photos, the wall art painting near  entrance, the Chinese new year decoration that wasn't put down yet and the empty car park photo during night time.

After a few minutes my sister arrives, so we went home and sort out our shopping bags. Our day was ended with full tummy, now it's time to relax and snooze very soon. Have a good night everyone.

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