Thursday, 13 February 2020

Brighton Table Tennis Club

Sister and I became a member of the Brighton table tennis club, she had joined last 2018 and I just joined last Spring competition on the last quarter of 2019. And was so happy to be part of the team that won the champion on overall score during the competition

Here's my small plaque or token from Richards Anglican Church Venue.

Last night, or every Wednesday is table tennis night competition. It starts from 7pm and finishes almost 10pm or it depends how long the others end there games. It's seasonal and this season is the Summer competition.  It only started 3 weeks ago and it was our 3rd game last night. Sister and I were on different team on this competition.  The team compose of  six persons, each person plays 2 doubles and 2 singles in weekly game rotation. There are 8 tables and each team and the opponent uses 2 tables to end the game faster.  I think the age category is from 10 years old and over.  Sometimes I play with the young player and sometimes with retirees, they're very energetic and full of life. The game has 5 sets and it's 3 wins out of 5, it's long game if you reach the 5 set, it can be tiring and sometimes you end up puffing and you just ask time out to drink water 😄😄😄. No wonder why I feel sore when I woke up this morning.  😃😃

I had a good game last night. I've won both my 2 singles and we only won 1 double. It was game of luck sometimes you don't know the outcome until the game sets finish.

I'm glad I'm back to this kind of hobby again, the last time I have played table tennis was during my Uni days 1998. It's good, I still know how to play, but still I need more practice and learn the techniques in playing with other players.

Some photos from the Brighton Tennis Club venue, I don't get a proper photo because I'm shy to stand alone and capture the surrounding, I stole a shot while sitting on the bench. I won't be shy next time.🙂

My sister playing, facing on her back

This photos were my team and our opponent. Me, finish all my games so I can go home early.

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