Tuesday, 25 February 2020

River Torrens at Elders Park

Last weekend instead of walking along the bay,  we went to the city side for a change. We went to Elders park, one of the land mark and tourist attraction in Adelaide city. The River Torrens was located at Elders Park. It was on this place where thousands of people gather to celebrate New Year's Eve and watch the fireworks and other public events. The park was surrounded with high buildings, five start hotels, entertainment center, Universities, Adelaide Oval where football and big concerts was being held.

It was a quite night walking on both sides of the River Torrens, it was late but with the great company of my sister and friends makes the night more joyful with no dull moments when I'm with them.

Just sharing some photos of how the River Torrens and the bridge look at night:

 Elders Park
 Adelaide Oval View
 The Under Bridge tunnel, with Adelaide Oval on the background
 The foot bridge coming from Adelaide Oval side

View from the Bridge

The rainbow under bridge tunnel
 Adelaide Oval reflection on the River Torrens

 The bridge changing color lights
 The bridge and Adelaide Oval
 The bridge connecting from Adelaide Oval to Casino, Railway Station, Adelaide Convention Center and 5 star hotels

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Table Tennis

Last night table tennis competition. Just sharing a sneak peek video and a couple shots of photos of my table tennis game at Brighton Table Tennis Club taken by my sister, I played with the Chinese lady, we had fun we both like to laugh and giggle while playing especially if we score or miss the points. She felt frustrated because I won the first two sets, and on the 3rd set she jokingly told me, "let me win just even one set". I said,"you will and let's see how the game goes, let's enjoy the game".

And luckily she did win the 3rd set. The 4th set was tough, it was a very close fight, I almost win, only 1 point to go and the game was over but suddenly she paused saying she's feeling dizzy.  So I suggested, if she wants to drink water and take a deep breath, seeing her face turns pale. After the time out break, my game changed. Unfortunately I didn't won the 4th game with the score 11-13, the winning score is 10, if you both score 10 you need to advance additional score of 2 points to win.

I later knew, she felt dizzy and nervous because she won't accept that she's about to loss the game and said she can do better.

So we made it to the last set and thanks God I won.  We hugged each other and happily say it was a fun and good game on both of us. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Mercury Car

At the moment, just happened to be on this shopping centre and saw this vintage or collector Mercury car made in 1948, still well maintained and looks immaculate by its age. 

Monday, 17 February 2020


Is my off, I'm looking forward to you. I can sleep and wake up late, and that's what happened. On Tuesday, normally is a catch up gathering with my friends, most of them were free on Tuesday, so when my permanent roster was changed, I requested a Tuesday off, so incase there is a catch up I can be present often, especially if I'm not doing anything important.

But today, there's no Tuesday session with friends so I just stay home. I have my ham and cheese toast and chocolate milk for my late breakfast while watching Netflix, the Korean drama series, while also chatting and connecting to some friends online. 

It's a lazy and relaxing day to stay in bed, I didn't realised it was almost 5pm, Korean drama you always occupied most of my spare time 😁😁, once I started watching the drama I get addicted and hooked on it. I haven't done any tidying at home, lucky I already wash the dishes last night 😄. But it's okay I deserve to relax and do nothing on my day off.

What's more relaxing is looking at the pool water waving at me. So inviting, it's a bit windy and cloudy day so I'll give it a miss.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Sunday's Best

What a beautiful day to spend our Sunday. We went to church with my sister and friends, our mind and spirit were nourished listening to the word of God. After church we all agreed to have lunch at  Hahndorf, it's a small town in South Australia that is half hour away from Adelaide. One of the popular tourist destination in Adelaide. It's where the original German heritage settled since 1839. The German style architectural building and artisan food where the main attraction of this place. The long stretch of the road has restaurants, German style pub which is popular on its German sausages and beers. 

Lots of souvenir shops, bakeries, sweets, cheese shop, and other interesting home made products are here.

Just want to share some photos as we stroll on both sides of the street:

We had our lunch at Hahndorf Inn, one of the popular pub in town.
 Our lunch to share, crispy pork knuckle, schnitzel, Vienna and bratworst sausages, pickle cabbage, slowcooked beef, mashed potato, gherkins and bagels.

Love to take a pic of the blue sky with the maple tree on background

 Across the street where we have our lunch there is collection of metal and antiques stuff,  there is live music playing inside, so we check them out

Traditional German instruments played by these folks 

Leather shop, selling stuff that are made from different animals

Sister and Lemon being playful with the upside down half body of  a fake man wearing leather belt and shoes

 Love this wall art painting quote

Both streets were shaded with beautiful trees

  We found this high hedge plant fence with a wooden door

Old Mill Pub and Hotel

Home made products and artwork for sale in this pop market exhibit

It was a lovely day to spend our time in this side of town, and the company of my sister and friends are the best to enjoy our day. After the stroll, we pass by a near by town that has a beautiful look-out, in Mt. Barker Summit. I will post some photos on my next blog.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Brighton Table Tennis Club

Sister and I became a member of the Brighton table tennis club, she had joined last 2018 and I just joined last Spring competition on the last quarter of 2019. And was so happy to be part of the team that won the champion on overall score during the competition

Here's my small plaque or token from Richards Anglican Church Venue.

Last night, or every Wednesday is table tennis night competition. It starts from 7pm and finishes almost 10pm or it depends how long the others end there games. It's seasonal and this season is the Summer competition.  It only started 3 weeks ago and it was our 3rd game last night. Sister and I were on different team on this competition.  The team compose of  six persons, each person plays 2 doubles and 2 singles in weekly game rotation. There are 8 tables and each team and the opponent uses 2 tables to end the game faster.  I think the age category is from 10 years old and over.  Sometimes I play with the young player and sometimes with retirees, they're very energetic and full of life. The game has 5 sets and it's 3 wins out of 5, it's long game if you reach the 5 set, it can be tiring and sometimes you end up puffing and you just ask time out to drink water 😄😄😄. No wonder why I feel sore when I woke up this morning.  😃😃

I had a good game last night. I've won both my 2 singles and we only won 1 double. It was game of luck sometimes you don't know the outcome until the game sets finish.

I'm glad I'm back to this kind of hobby again, the last time I have played table tennis was during my Uni days 1998. It's good, I still know how to play, but still I need more practice and learn the techniques in playing with other players.

Some photos from the Brighton Tennis Club venue, I don't get a proper photo because I'm shy to stand alone and capture the surrounding, I stole a shot while sitting on the bench. I won't be shy next time.🙂

My sister playing, facing on her back

This photos were my team and our opponent. Me, finish all my games so I can go home early.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Huawei P30 Pro

Since I'm re-starting my new blogsite, I upgraded my phone. The old camera phone I have isn't as good as the new ones, it's out dated already. I spent some nights searching and looking of what's best camera phone is available on the market. There are 10 best ones to chose, each of them has their own quality and performance in taking photos, the pros and cons was being reviewed as well. I had my eye on a couple of the best, but I don't want to spend spend a fortune. The budget friendly phone was Oppo Reno, Samsung A70,  but I end up getting Huawei P30 Pro, the reviews was recommended for travel and night shots. So I'd picked this one.

Anyway, another walk we did yesterday, from Henley beach jetty to Grange beach Jetty and vice versa.  It was an overcast cloudy day that we haven't seen the sunset, it's hiding under the clouds. So yesterday was my first time to christen my new phone camera. I was hoping that the picture I will capture will give justice to the reviews I have read, or maybe it's not the camera but how I take photos of the subject?😄😄

I few photos I've took while walking, my favorites were the nights shot, it's very clear and I'm amaze with the result of the images compare to my old phone. The photos has no filter or editing, I just click the way I take photos before: 

This photo was taken before we start our walking

The night shot, taken with no lighting in my background

Both photos, has a light post behind me, so these are the images

This photos when it's not dark yet

The night shots with no light background

On my first few years of having a phone I used an Android, a few years after I was an Iphone user, and now back to Android again which I all forgotten to use, so I don't feel happy playing with it as if I'm a toddler starting to crawl. The features I need to learn, the swiping style compare to apple features is different, but I will get there.😁😁.

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