Monday, 26 July 2021

New Role

It's a manic Monday, my long hours shift at work. It was a fine day, the sun was out today, I wish I'm off so I can do my laundry 😁. Our department is always busy even there's not much customer, it was relaxing and not stressful day to me, though it feels like a long day compare to some days but can't complain. I was happy and very friendly to customers, it's nice sometimes to make a difference to someone's day, a smile and just a friendly gestures to the customer already made their day.

Early evening, the store support pass by our department, not expecting he will approach me. But he did, he was asking if I have commitment tuesday nights, I thought he will ask me to cover a shift but no. He was doing something that moment and I was about to serve a customer, so our conversation was cut off. He said to get back to me, and later when I was at the back room, he came and discuss to me about tuesday nights.  He offer me a new role at work that's why he was asking if Im available tuesday night. So I told him, I usually play table tennis but this season we played every wednesday so I can be free on tuesday.  

I feel honored to be offered a new role, I suddenly said Yes, not knowing what's the role actually is, new challenge for me, and I like it. It's for my progress and development, a new learning again, another change that can add to my work experience. Slowly things are getting better and life's direction is moving forward to a positive result.

I just hope that I can adjust to new changes and I can quickly learn the new task that was given to me. I thank the store support manager for trusting me to be a part of that role. I will do my best and contribute a big part for the success of the company.

Sunday, 25 July 2021

Self Love

 If your heart hurts a little after letting go of someone or something, that's ok, that's normal to feel that way. You may feel sad because things are not the same anymore and you need to adjust for a new change, new routine or new life to live on.

If letting go is your choice to regain respect and your dignity, then do it. It just means that you are genuine. No one likes end, but sometimes we have to put things that we were once go to an end after they will become toxic to our well being. 

You have to understand that you have love in holding on to someone, but there is also love in letting them go. Sometimes you need to choose yourself and take the first big step for yourself, move on and learn to live without them. Solely for yourself only.

Not every new beginning will last forever and not every person who walks into your life is meant to stay. Sometimes they're just borrowed moments that we don't need to be permanently stuck on them emotionally, so when they walk away we remain the same person as a whole.

Sometimes you will spend minutes, hours, day, weeks or months analysing the situation, trying to put the pieces back together, or justifying what could've, would have happened. But because you love yourself, you just leave the pieces on the floor, make peace with it and just move on.

Tell yourself, your doing this for your own good, for self respect, for self worth especially for self love. It's time to stop say yes, to protect yourself. Choose to focus on your goals and put yourself on top of your priorities. Start to trust yourself that you can do things you never expect to do, and survive every battles of life. Don't allow others to control your emotion and actions even it may means to end the relationship.

Stay true to yourself, don't worry what people may think about you or the way you feel. Keep your head up high and be confident in what you do, be confident in your intention and keep your eyes ahead instead of wasting time on those who wants to drag you back. You can't change people views, you have to believe that true change comes within you and not from anyone else.

The only best gift you can give to yourself is your Dignity, so love yourself and you can fully love others.

Click and Collect

It's Sunday, my day off but since it's lockdown and there's no gathering in the church. I'm available to work if needed. 

So today, I accept an extra shift from other department in the store, the Click and Collect online order because they are short of staff due to lockdown, the increase of online order was really huge. On normal days only two teams where working but this lockdown more than ten teams are processing the orders.

I'm excited to start my shift with the thought that I can learn new things. I was trained when I started and I'm glad I pick it quickly and then I just started to work alone without any supervision. It's different, as I do the shopping for customer order online, I have encounter some things that I wasn't taught about, but it's good the team were very helpful to me.  

I work 5 hours and it seems like very quick as the job is continuous and I'm enjoying it.  What I also learn is to know the different product that I've collected and the health benefit of the product that I didn't know and haven't tried to use or eat.

I don't mind working in that department again and hope I can get some shift again next time.

Friday, 23 July 2021

Done It

It's been a long time since I was planning to sort out and tidy the garage mess. Most of them were stuff from my MIL and some of my stuff collected to put in Balikbayan Box to send to my family in the Philippines.

It's been a few months since I don't spare time to do them, sometimes I'm distracted that other things that I can't be bothered to clean and tidy. But maybe because it will take or takes a day sort them all out. But this time since I have my focus, I had the chance to really tidy them and sort out all the box and send to the Philippines. It's been a few days that I finally accomplished and done all the clean up.

I felt good, it's like achievement or mission accomplished to have it tidy. So happy to share some present or blessing to my family and relatives by sending the Balikbayan box.

All the boxes that needs to be tidy and sort out

All clean and tidy now

Ready for pick up and send to Philippines

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Self Worth

is everything. Don't let anyone ruin your life by putting yourself on a situation that will lower your value. Build your confidence and don't settle for less. There is someone out there that will see your worth, value  and treat you with respect. The one that make you smile, will lift you up, support you and see the best in you. So don't make yourself feel like you are less the priority and just the second option.  Always know your worth, that you are capable of doing things and treating people the way they want to be treated. 

We have all the control over our lives and see ourselves better than anyone else. Love yourself more so no one can underestimate and put you down. Tell yourself that you are more than enough and deserve the best in life. If someone hurt you, let them do that but don't balance or treat them the same.

Be the real and genuine as you are, being yourself is the best gift ever you can offer to yourself and others. You don't need to compare yourself because you are created unique and be brave enough to show the world who you are without an apology.

Trust yourself more than anything, the world will show up how strong and courageous are you to led things into something new.

Love yourself, so you can get the same love from others.

Monday, 19 July 2021

It's OK

If you've been hurt
If you've been betrayed
If you been lied to
If you think you've been cheated
It's not Ok at all

It's ok to be sad,
It's ok to cry
It's ok to get confused
It's ok to feel lost

It's ok to ask many question
It's ok if you can't comprehend
It's ok if you can't what understand what's happening
It's ok to ask help, to reach out your friends
Especially reach out to God

Remember you are human
You have feelings
You don't have the heart of stone
It's normal to get angry and disappointed

But remember after all the things you've been through
Everything in the end will be Ok
It's a process, it takes time, grieve as you can
Don't make things in a hurry that you will be healed straight away

God is there, surrender all your bad feelings to him
Your heartache, the pain, your fear
The things you most scare of, the anxiety or depression you undergo
God will comfort you and ease the feeling of all the negative emotion that bothers you

One day, things will come back to normal
You will look back the past and smile
You overcome it and you become strong 
You are happy again and living the life you wanted.

Sunday, 18 July 2021

Something Brand New

Today is Sunday, so it means church day. Another Sunday to gain spiritual nourishment that will uplift my spirit and live a life full of God's goodness and blessing.

Today's preaching was about my favorite verse in the Bible, Isaiah 43:19

God's word was telling us, no matter you have been through in life, you may encounter lot's of problem, challenges and storms in life, you may feel lost in the wilderness, you get hurt by someone and loss a love one. Remember be strong, have the courage to stay focus in life. Everything is a process and a journey, don't dwell on the bad past, keep the good memories, but don't look back because it's past and can't never be back again.

Focus and enjoy life's of today, do something good that makes you happy, live a worthwhile and healthy life, spent times with your friends, family, help people that are in need, look after yourself, keep believing life is great, sometimes unfair but it's beautifully made so enjoy each day as you live.

Don't worry about the future because today has it's own worry, just hope and have faith that with God you have a better future and His ways our for the best of us, He will make a way for the better of our life and eternal happiness is only if we seek him with all our Heart.

The scripture says that leave Yesterday Behind, Live for Today and look forward for the Future. What ever happens to our life and our past. God has prepare some thing brand new for us, so let's all be positive and be inspired for the upcoming future.

I'm so hopeful that God will be there for me no matter what and whatever that I have been through in the past, it's all about learning, growing, making me close to Him, He wants me to be his bestfriend, lover, comforter, my priority and my Healer when I'm so broken.