Monday, 21 September 2020

Feeling Lost

 It's been a while but now back again. Just random thoughts I have been thinking to write here. I actually have lots of roadtrip and travel photos to post but  I have been busy doing something and focusing my time to other stuff. Now I'm so behind with my photo blogging. 

Sometimes, I feel confuse or feeling lost. Am I like that? I should answer it myself 😁 As if my  life has no GPS to guide me 😕 where I am heading or how to reach the destination or the goals I wanted in my life. Sometimes I don't understand my purpose in life, like I'm trying to do things to make me happy and to make other people happy, but it end up that I still feel something different or I disappoint them. Like there's no satisfaction, am I feeling down? I think I'm not, maybe just tryng to work out things that aren't meant to be but I still insist it will be mean to be. Sometimes if I use my heart, I will put myself in trouble. Am I inlove? To whom? To myself?  Am I getting crazy? haha I can be or I'm just over thinking I guess lol, this is not healthy haha, I should just think of nice things that will make my day better and brighter. 

Hope God will strengthenme, give me wisdom to understand my mission in life and enlighten my mind to walk in the right path, where there is no destruction and confusion but the path or track that will lead into better life, happiness, peace of mind, full of loving and understanding people around me even I bump into rough road but still manage to stand up and be brave to face lifes challenges

I think I'm just tired and sleepy 😃😃so I better rest and had a nice sleep.

Monday, 13 July 2020

Enjoying Life

Life is too precious to waste your time doing something isn't productive, I sometimes do😃. This past month was really a busy, active and productive life for me, that I even have no time to write or photoblog. I have lots to write that was already in my thoughts, but don't know which one topic to start, I'm so behind.(lol) Every night as I relax on my bed, I  always wanted to write but it end up I didn't, lazy me. 

Well, a lot of things happen to me, mostly it's positive because it's all about happiness, God's love, adventure and fun times.  Last week of June my sister and friends went for a camping and roadtrip to Eyre Peninsula, mainly the Port Lincoln and the side of town, photos are coming up soon. I did the general cleaning this weekend, so glad with my accomplishment of doing house chores, it's like magic, seeing around your house clean, tidy and organise.  My pet  goldfish was so happy and feeling fresh when I replace the water 😃😃. 

Life is so unpredictable. One day you wake up and you realise the surprises that you feel and experience. Especially  if I'm feeling great and as if there's no problem in the world,  it's overwhelming. The sadness or worry feeling is fine but I don't welcome them often, if they pop up they doesn't stay very long they're allergic to me (lol).

So lucky to meet lovely people, especially my church family that I didn't think I would be part of  the community, to have some personal support is fantastic. We gather to praise and worship God at the same time I'm enjoying their company and sharing life's experience that will enlighten and enrich my spiritual growth that God is always the center of my/our life/lives. He puts me in this community to be more closer to Him and focus my life on Him, it's weird to think or share this feeling to someone that doesn't know Him, but the reality is? Life is so easy and stress free if God will be the one to lead our life. I wish everyone will feel this kind of feeling I've felt everyday or I can be in one way or another influence or encourage a friend or two to be a follower of Him and share the wonders of His doings, the unconditional love so He sacrifice His life just to save all of us from sin. 

Hope everyone is enjoying life, always smile and be happy, and share your time and help others. Live everyday life as if it's your last!!! 

Saturday, 20 June 2020

My Birthday

Last 16th of June was my birthday. I had celebrated it at home with the help of my sister, we cooked a few dishes. I only made spring roll and most food was cooked by my loving sister 🤣🤣, aren't am I lucky to have that kind of sister, who can absorb all my craziness and behavior? 

My very supportive and understanding Sistah

Well, my celebration started during lunch time because some friends can't make it on dinner time, as well as they need to pick up their kids at school at 3pm.

The first batch during lunch time
The others came during late afternoon aftet their work and some came back on dinner time. It's batch by batch (lol) Actually my friends were not all complete because its weekday and a rainy day, so some can't make it. But it's fine because they sincerely have greeted me and wish me a happy birthday. 
The Afternoon Batch

The dinner time batch

I had a blast on my birthday, I've seen most of my friends after all the Covid restriction was lifted. It was really nice to catch up with them, share jokes and never ending laughter.

I'm so thankful and grateful to have these friends who through laughter's and tears are there for me, the friendship that was tested and proven in time, so I will treasure them forever. To all my family and friends back home and to relatives around the country, I miss you and I love you all.

I thank God of course for He never make me feel I'm alone especially in times of sorrow and grief. For the friends and family that always there for me and all the blessings, provision and wonders that God always surprises me in his mysterious ways. 

So, yeah I'm 42 years old now, but sometimes I act like 10 yrs old only (hahaha). I'm happy and contented, single and ready to mingle (lol)

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Solar Panel, Feed-in Tarriff

First of July is the end contract of my electricity provider, few months ago when I had the solar panel installed in the house, I'd found out my provider was the lowest feed-in tariff offer on most other electricity provider I had compared, not unless you will buy or get the solar panel with them. I had a chat with them if they can increase the feed-in tariff but they said that's all they can give. End of the month of May, I have received an email from them to renew the contract, if they don't hear anything from me but still stay with them, they have set of standard plan to both electricity and gas.  When I have opened the attachment the fees and charges were higher compare to my current plan, so I was alarmed, this isn't right.

So I contact my friend, who always advise and help me or recommend better options about this kind of matter, since I don't have much knowledge about it, he's very clever and smart. We actually have the same solar panel company which he also recommended to me.  So I've told my friend that my contract to the current provider will end this month of June. Click Energy is his current provider that is offering a good feed-in tariff and plan inclusions, he's been telling me ages ago to switch.  So on that night, on the spot I switch to Click Energy while my friend was available or have time to help me how to sign up and chose the right plan. It's good at least I've signed before the contract end.

But the other day, I have a phone call from my current provider, regarding the reason of termination of contract because the Click Energy contact then in regards to disconnection and reconnection process. So I told my reason, about low feed-in tariff offer, then the lady encourage me to stay and offer me higher feed-in tariff and ask how many cents per kilowatts I was offered, so I told her "I can't tell you". She is trying to convince me to stay and give some discounts as well, but I told her, I can't just suddenly change my mind because you are offering me a higher tariff, I've asked before but I was declined, now that I'm leaving, why offer the higher tariff. I don't know if it sound nasty but I told her "I've already signed up and make a commitment to the new provider, I need to protect my credibility and integrity."😃😃

The lesson is, not because I was offered a higher tariff I will change my mind straight away and stay with them. Its about commitment and having a word of honour is what I stand for.

Monday, 8 June 2020

Motivated and Inspired

Last night, I was looking for my travel and camping photos while waiting for my cousins to online on facebook messenger because we are going to have video chat. I will blog about my cousins next time 😃😃😃

One of the screenshot photo during our video chat few days ago

 I have posted one of our last camping before Covid-19 at Butlers Beach, Marion Bay. If you want to check out some of  my camping, roadtrip, travel, walks and hikes photos you can visit my other site The World is My Playground. I will try to make time everyday or during evening to post each places that I have visited. So stay tune, I still need to compile some photos and find my usb as my laptop hard drive gave up and can't be restored anymore. Lucky I had Usb back up, I just need to find them and for now I will use  some photos on my mobile phone gallery.

So yea, it's a matter of time and effort only to write and photoblog and not be destructed, but I'm always destructed by Netfix and video chat with cousins (lol).  I stop blogging last 2016, so really I need to keep up (lol). I actually miss blogging as what I used to do like 8 years ago? Participating on daily photo memes where all bloggers around the world are sharing and posting stories of their amazing and beautiful photos as if I already know their lives and as if I have travelled around the world seeing all their photos.

I'm excited to post more of my camping and travel photos soon, it maybe a late post but it's better than not posting them at all.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

30 days Steps Challenge

Qantas Wellbeing

Started last June 1st, one of my good friend Era from Brisbane, challenged each other to reach 7,500 steps daily for 30 days. We both are member of Qantas Frequent Flyer and were trying to collect more points so we download the apps called Qantas Well Being, it's about health and fitness. If you want to get thousands of bonus points, they encourage you to purchase Health Insurance but it's not compulsory. You can still use the app and earn points through walking, sleep  and compete with a friend challenge activity.  You only earn very little points daily  but if you do it everyday you can build up to add to your existing points and you have nothing to lose but gain.

Anyway, my friend and I accepted the challenge of 7,500 steps daily. So I have invited her for the 30 days steps challenge and so she will be visible to my account. My friend works in the office, so she don't get much walk on working hours but she said, she walk around the block most days. While I am working in retail so I'm confident enough that I can get most of the steps, if not I will continue around the house only (haha)

On our first day challenge, June 1st was Monday and I'm working whole day, so I don't worry about my steps, but Tuesday was my day off, what did I do? Ahhh, we went to my doctor and shopping in harbourtown so I've made some steps there plus some walks around the house. But some days if I have short shift and sometimes I forgot that I need to incur more steps, I ask my manager if he wants me to do something and I realise, the job he wants me to do is cutting cheeses, so I will just stay on one place, I end up telling him if it's ok that I will just keep serving customer so I can walk here and there(haha) but if no customer and I cut cheeses but I still manage to step from side ways or just steady steps, isn't it a clever idea? My workmates were wondering what I was doing (haha), so I explain to them, even myself was laughing with what I'm doing too. If my shift has finished, I just continue walking around the house and my sister was laughing at me, that sometimes I realise I'm walking without my phone in my pocket, so I waste hundreds of steps already (haha).

While my friend's update, was a funny one too. If she can't complete the steps and she's tired walking around her house, she bargain and ask her son to walk in behalf of her, the reward is, no chores for her son to do.(haha) and as well, what my friend does, while watching tv, she just stand up and do a steady steps. 

This is the first week challenge and I've completed all the steps. I still have 3 weeks left to stay active and keep walking. I enjoy it actually, since I love walking, it also motivates me to go out and walk, it's good for my health, it feels good, it keeps me fit and energetic.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Dream, It Possible

Yesterday, was a busy and long day. The day to make decision and commitment, to focus on my priority in life and not waste time doing something that is isn't helpful and not productive.

To wish something which I don't know if it will become reality. I have patiently waiting for along time and I ask God why it didn't happen? Now, I will put my time and extra effort to it, I hope it's part of God's plan in my life so I will have the hope even just a little bit. I have never really wished a serious one before, but this time on my birthday I'm humbly wishing to God about it, but if it wont come true I will not get disappointed. I will leave it up to Him and trust His works because He knows what's best for me and for now I will just do my part. God knows whats my wish and whats my heart desire. I think its not bad to ask, to wish or to dream of something I want for my life. There's nothing impossible to God, so I will keep dreaming....

 Yesterday's bible verse is up on the photo. Will He grant my wish? Am I good and deserving  enough to receive the wish I'm asking for? I will just wait and see if its according to His Will. Please God,  I wish that my Wish will be your command.😃

Thank you God, for making me strong and courageous to face and overcome life's challenges and decisions. I've became matured enough to handle every challenge and situation I've faced everyday and I don't worry much or get disappointed because if it doesn't turn the way I want to be, because  I know if its Your Will it will Be Done.